Welcome! I’m Danielle Sullivan.


Extraordinary Teachers is dedicated to empowering teachers with tools to create greater levels of happiness and purpose within themselves and their classrooms.  We are bringing happy back, in and out of the classroom.


My Story:

I am a passionate educator, comedian, singer and creator who is obsessed with learning, creating new things, helping others, writing, discovering new things about myself and coffee.  I lead with love and humor in everything I do.

I’ve spent my entire life in the field of education. I began on Capitol Hill working on education reform. Then I spent the last 9+ years teaching in a Title I schools. I also spent tons of time co-teaching several summer institutes with the National Writing Project, running professional development workshops, and providing instructional coaching and consulting.  When I wasn’t teaching kids, I was talking with teachers about what worked and what didn’t in their classrooms and lives.ds-apple

Working with teachers is my true passion.  I believe that teachers can be the change they wish to see in their classrooms and lives.  Teachers have so much to contribute to the world there is a reason teachers became educators, however the system is bogging down and holding back teachers from discovering the personal power.  My goal is to help teachers re-ignite their personal passion for teaching, and their lives.

For the last 5 years, I’ve also studied the science of happiness. I started learning everything I could about positive psychology, a research-based branch of psychology that studies what really causes people to thrive in their lives and work, and how we can apply those findings in practical ways.  I believe positive psychology and emotional education are the catalyst for a teacher revolution.

Now, it’s my greatest pleasure to work with teachers – as I truly believe that happy teachers will change the world.


Our Programs:

Our programs are deeply rooted in positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and social emotional learning. We’ve studied the science of happiness and designed our programs exclusively for teachers. Our entire approach is scientifically-proven and evidence-based.

We offer career & life coaching for teachers, online workshops and courses (coming soon!), and onsite professional development for teachers. Our programs are designed to empower teachers with tools to create greater levels of happiness and purpose within themselves and their classrooms.


My Credentials:

I hold a plethora of degrees, certifications, and years of experience to knock your socks off.  Here’s just a few to give you the idea…

arrow-58-256 9+ years teaching experience

arrow-58-256 Masters in Special Education

arrow-58-256 NYS Certification for Elementary and Special Education

arrow-58-256 Experience working on Capitol Hill, and State Government

arrow-58-256 Facilitated and taught Graduate Level Course through National Writing Project

arrow-58-256 Extraordinary Teachers upholds and honors a strict Code of Ethics and confidentiality standards. We only use tools that are research-based and scientifically proven. Said another way, you’re in safe hands.

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