Cure for a Bad Day

Cure for a Bad Day

“I could either continue to be frustrated and unproductive or I could make a different decision.” #extraordinaryteachers

Let’s face it, we all suffer from bad days or frustrating moments. As a teacher, it is super easy to let a bad moment or a bad lesson permeate the entire day. Of course this is true for all professions; however, as a teacher our day is super fast paced (no time for recovery or perspective) and often times negativity breeds negativity (ie: the Spanish teacher had a tough day, complained about it in the lounge, and now you feel drained too).

When we are sucked into a bad day, we are robbed of all the joy the current moment can bring. I’m a huge proponent of “feeling what you have to feel,” but then move on. So if a pen explodes during your observation or if someone cuts you off while driving – feel frustrated, embarrassed, annoyed, angry – those things are awful, and then choose to MOVE ON.

Notice that you have a choice. You have a choice to continue feeling crappy or a choice to move on and bring happy back.

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