Extraordinary Teachers is dedicated to empowering teachers with tools to create greater levels of happiness and purpose within themselves and their classrooms.

My name is Danielle Sullivan and I’m here to support you in bringing happy back in and out of the classroom.  It’s a hard time to be a teacher right now.  Teachers are feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated and disconnected from everything.  Extraordinary Teachers is here for you.

Our goal is to help teachers:

arrow-58-256Become inspired to do the work they love- the work they were meant to do and be the best version of themselves

arrow-58-256Discover their personal power and use that power to be happy in their lives

arrow-58-256Feel like they can affect real change in and out of the classroom

We want to create a community of like-minded educators– the teaching staff you wish you had! Our dream is a world where educators support each other and are unstoppable

I’ve spent my entire life in the field of education. I began on Capitol Hill working on education reform. Then I spent the last 9+ years teaching in a Title I schools. I also spent tons of time co-teaching several summer institutes with the National Writing Project, running professional development workshops, and providing instructional coaching and consulting. When I wasn’t teaching kids, I was talking with teachers about what worked and what didn’t in their classrooms and lives.

For the last 5 years, I’ve also studied the science of happiness. Our programs are deeply rooted in positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and social emotional learning. Our entire approach is scientifically-proven and evidence-based.  Now it’s my greatest joy to offer life coaching for teachers, onsite professional development for school districts, and online programs just for teachers.

I hope you’ll get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss how we might approach a coaching relationship designed to help you achieve your goals.

Cure for a Bad Day

Cure for a Bad Day

“I could either continue to be frustrated and unproductive or I could make a different decision.” #extraordinaryteachers

Let’s face it, we all suffer from bad days or frustrating moments. As a teacher, it is super easy to let a bad moment or a bad lesson permeate the entire day. Of course this is true for all professions; however, as a teacher our day is super fast paced (no time for recovery or perspective) and often times negativity breeds negativity (ie: the Spanish teacher had a tough day, complained about it in the lounge, and now you feel drained too).

When we are sucked into a bad day, we are robbed of all the joy the current moment can bring. I’m a huge proponent of “feeling what you have to feel,” but then move on. So if a pen explodes during your observation or if someone cuts you off while driving – feel frustrated, embarrassed, annoyed, angry – those things are awful, and then choose to MOVE ON.

Notice that you have a choice. You have a choice to continue feeling crappy or a choice to move on and bring happy back.

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In this video, I breakdown the cure for a bad day. If you are a frustrated and overwhelmed teacher and want to find more happiness in and out of your classroom, sign up to receive my weekly video blogs here.

Protect Yourself Against Curmudgeons

Protect Yourself Against Curmudgeons Curmudgeons: bad-tempered, surly, negative, difficult, cantankerous people. Typically after being around a curmudgeon for 5-minutes you feel drained, dragged down, frustrated, tired, etc. Do you know someone who has this affect on you? You must protect your energy against curmudgeons now! It’s the beginning of the school year and the amount of time you give them now, sets a precedent for how much time will be expected of you throughout the year. We’re teachers – we’re kind and loving and helpful – but at what cost to you, your energy, and your attitude? Here are some helpful tips to help you handle the energy suckers in your life. Let’s Set Some Healthy Boundaries… Or as I like to call it, loving from a distance. Set the intention now of how you want to handle the curmudgeons in your school and your life! Practice setting healthy boundaries and what type of loving communication you’d like to use. Remember that tone matters, so play around with it and see how they sound to you. Here are two of my favorite examples: “I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. I know (___) can be really difficult. I hope it gets resolved for you quickly. Please excuse me I have to (___).” “So you really think that this task is going to be challenging. Well, okay! Let’s just jump in and see how we can move it forward. One idea I had was (___).” Or… Unless you’re in an instructional coach position, administrator, or moonlight as a therapist, that should be all you need to do. As teachers, we must protect...

How To Relax This Summer

Congratulations! You did it! You finished another school year. Maybe it was the hardest year of your life, or maybe you had the best class ever, either way, another school year has come to a close. This means it’s summer!!! It’s one of the perks of being a teacher right? Summers off!! Yes…and… Many times summer flies by and you are walking back into your classroom feeling like you never left. Don’t let that happen to you! Here are three reminders for you to get the most out of your summer, and make sure you are ready to bring the happy back into your classroom in the fall: 1) Be Intentional With Your Time If you want to spend the day binge watching TV, do it! But be intentional that that is what you are doing – you are guiltlessly relaxing! Being intentional is just making sure you are in charge of your time. Each morning, take a few moments to really think about your day. How do you want to feel today? What needs to get accomplished? How might that look? Can you incorporate some of how you wanted to feel into your day? For example, if you want to feel pampered, can you find 15 minutes to pamper your toes and give yourself a pedicure? Or if you wanted to feel rested, can you schedule a short nap or time for a bath? You have the power to be in control of your summer! 2) Slow Down Summer goes fast enough. If you don’t slow down, before you know it you are back in your classroom looking...

Emotional Literacy in Education

What Is It And Why Should You Care? Emotional Literacy (or emotional intelligence as it’s more commonly referred to) is “the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.” (definition from Wikipedia) Whew, that is a mouthful. Basically emotional literacy is understanding and dealing with emotions. Why is this important as a teacher? Well, aren’t we already dealing with emotions everyday? I think emotions and feelings are the most important thing we should know how to deal with as teachers. Not only to understand our own emotions, but teach our students how to understand and deal with their own emotions. Our students are not getting as much emotional support at home. Especially if you work in a lower income district, students come to school with all of these feelings and look to teachers and the school day for them to be expressed. Many kids don’t understand what is going on with them, and many kids have high emotional literacy, but don’t have the space to learn how to understand it. Then you look at the teacher, we are overwhelmed and overworked, and our feelings are spilling out all over the place. We don’t have time to teach what we need to teach in 42 minutes so forget even talking about feelings. That is the problem. When we don’t understand it, even though they are happening all the time, feelings that is, then we ignore it and it becomes a huge problem. So, emotional literacy is super important for teachers...

Forming Meaningful Connections As Teachers

One of the most important aspects of our job as teachers is forming meaningful connections with the people around us. Not only does it make teaching more fun, it also increases our effectiveness as teachers. Here are three areas that are the most important in forming meaningful connections as teachers, and for you to feel happier in & out of your classroom! Know Who YOU Are: Connecting To Self! In order to really form amazing relationships with students and colleagues, it’s really important to have a firm sense of who you are. Here are some reminders for you to connect deeper with yourself on a daily basis. Listen to yourself – Are you complaining? Whining? What do you sound like to others? If you don’t like it, change it. Slow down – try not to act as if you are always in a hurry. All kids deserve someone who will have time for them. Show them you have time, even if you feel like you don’t. Make time for yourself as well, you deserve it! Get a life – outside your classroom. You don’t assign homework seven days a week, so don’t take work home every night. Do something for you outside of school. You will be happier and your students will benefit from it as well. Talk less, listen more, reflect daily – this applies to all aspects of your life. Spend time with people who are not teachers- it will help you get outside of school talk for a while. Or when you are with your teacher friends outside of school, do not talk about school! Know...


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