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Extraordinary Teachers is dedicated to empowering teachers with tools to create greater levels of happiness and purpose within themselves and their classrooms. Our programs are deeply rooted in positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and social emotional learning, and our entire approach is scientifically-proven and evidence-based. We provide educators with the most powerful tools, strategies, and resources for creating extraordinary lives in and out of the classroom.

Working Within School Districts Pic Extraordinary Teachers provides a wide range professional and personal development programs for teachers. Our workshops use an interactive approach that infuses instruction, writing, and engaging learning strategies that are applicable to teachers in all disciplines and at all levels, K-12.

Here are a few examples of workshops that Extraordinary Teachers has done. Of course, we can always tweak or customize a program to meet the needs of your district.

Full-Day Immersion (8 hours) – “Bringing Happy Back Into The Classroom”
This workshop helps teachers get back in touch with what makes them happy in their personal and professional lives, overcome blocks and fears that get in the way of their happiness, and concludes with a personalized action plan. This workshop works best for teachers that are looking to break out of their ruts.

Full-Day Immersion (8 hours) – “Applied Positive Psychology”
This workshop immerses teachers into the field of positive psychology. Participants will leave understanding, experiencing, and practicing the techniques at the heart of positive psychology. A jam-packed session with several “aha moment” entry points, to reach even the most reluctant teacher.

Half-Day Workshop (4 hours) – “Coping With Overwhelm”
This workshop delivers teaching strategies to not let the culture of state testing prevent teachers from doing the passionate work they love.

Half-Day Workshop (4 hours) – “Mindsets”
Strategies to train your mind to be happier and explore the differences between fixed and growth mindset.

If these topics do not meet your needs, we’re happy to customize a workshop specific to the needs of your teachers. Please use the form below to tell us a little about what you’re looking for.


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